the addition of chest radiography to symptom screening substantially improved the sensitivity and positive predictive value. HIV infection did not alter the sensitivity of the screening tool.

Data extracted from the studies included, when available: author, year of publication, study country of origin. In conclusion, implants placed in patients with systemic osteoporosis did not present.

In addition to first author, year of publication and PubMed ID. In cases where genotype or allele distributions were not provided or contained obvious errors in the original publication (such as.

In this systematic review with meta-analysis, we searched EMBASE, PubMed, Web of Science (Web of Science Core Collection, Current Contents Connect, KCI-Korean Journal Database, SciELO Citation Index.

However, metformin usage did not reduce the incidence of PCa (HR = 0.86, 95% CI: 0.55–1.34, P = 0.51). In conclusion, compared with non-metformin treatment, metformin therapy can significantly improve.

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Past infection with herpesviruses, measured by IgG seropositivity, was generally not associated with dementia risk. We included information on author, year, design, setting, study population, and.

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Appendix 2. General Population-based Studies: Prevalence of PI Variants and Risk of Associated Lung Disease, 841 Appendix 3. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Population Studies: Prevalence of PI.

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The meta-analysis of the 3 included trials (1412 women) showed cervical pessary placement did not reduce the risk. the full texts of the relevant citations for inclusion. The data extracted.

Mobile health (mHealth) technologies have increasingly been used in interventions to promote physical activity (PA), yet, they often have high attrition rates. Integrating social features into mHealth.

An independent search of the English and Chinese medical literature using the PubMed (Medicine) database and cross-citation with other databases. including first author; year that the study was.

Furthermore, stromal CD103+ immune cells or CD103+ immune cells evaluated by tissue microarrays were not always significantly prognostic. In conclusion, these results show that CD103+ immune cells are.

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Only 1% to 8% of victims of OHCA survive to hospital discharge 1 and up to half of survivors have some level of brain damage that may or may not completely resolve. extracted the following data:.

This series records scientific and technical findings that are preliminary or of specialized interest, e.g., quick release reports, working papers, and bibliographies that contain minimal annotation.

This overview may also have relevance to electronic infusion pumps used to deliver nonchemotherapy agents, such as insulin, analgesics, and other agents, though they are not specifically addressed in.

Epidemiological studies have shown an etiological link between body mass index (BMI) and cancer risk, but evidence supporting these observations is limited. This study aimed to investigate potential.

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However, studies focusing only on the outcome of SCD, for which ventricular fibrillation was the predominant cause, were not considered. The following information was extracted: author, year, study.

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