When Tracy K. Smith was writing the poems that would eventually become her Pulitzer Prize-winning collection Life on Mars, the answers, or at least some kind of fulfillment, could be found in the.

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(CNN)Her Pulitzer Prize-winning work "Life on Mars" explored life by going to the stars and back. Now Tracy K. Smith. During her yearlong term, Smith says she hopes to help people abandon some.

Readers of Tracy K. Smith’s third book of poetry, Life on Mars (Graywolf, $15), which won the Pulitzer Prize this week, had better be prepared to face some stark metaphysical questions. Is our.

Tracy K. Smith, an assistant professor of creative writing in Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts, today won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for poetry for "Life on Mars," which the prize.

In Life on Mars she celebrates our. We’re pulled between poems of dark, distant futures and the retro-futuristic worlds of previous generations. And as we accumulate a broader picture of space,

No poet makes me shiver like Tracy K. Smith, and her 2011 book “Life on Mars” makes me cry. the work is intimate and infinite—unbearably so. The final poem compresses a life into eight lines:.

Tracy K. Smith. Her 2011 collection, Life on Mars, won the Pulitzer Prize. In a statement from the Library of Congress, Smith said that she was "profoundly honored" to accept the role. "As someone.

Tracy K. Smith grew up in a house lined with books, an eclectic library that included dime-store mysteries, 19th-century novels, science fiction paperbacks, Shakespeare’s sonnets and Reader’s Digest.

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On Wednesday, the Library of Congress announced that Tracy K. Smith will. including 2011’s Life on Mars, an elegy for her father, a scientist who worked on the Hubble telescope and died in 2008,

The Library of Congress has named Tracy K. Smith as the the country’s. closer to the end of their lives. NEARY: Smith’s poems, collected in three volumes – "The Body’s Question," "Duende" and "Life.

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden today announced the appointment of Princeton University professor Tracy K. Smith as the. In the Pulitzer Prize citation for "Life on Mars," judges lauded its.

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For thousands of years, people have craned their necks skyward, seeking meaning or a sense of perspective in the vast panoply of stars above us. Tracy K. Smith’s 2011 poetry collection, "Life on Mars".

Read excerpts of Rafael Campo’s poems, “The Mental Status Exam,” “Incidental Finding,” and “Pathology.” Tracy K. Smith is the U.S. Poet Laureate. She is author of several books including Wade In The.

Writer and educator Tracy K. Smith is the author of three poetry collections and one memoir, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet for the 2011 collection Life on Mars, and. Smith, whose poem, Duende, is.

Monday was a really big day for Brooklyn poet Tracy K. Smith — she turned 40 and won a Pulitzer Prize. Smith was honored for the collection "Life on Mars," which she wrote. The book — her third.